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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joe Clarke respond to Deacon Simms' suggestion about the jail?
(a) He laughs because he thinks it must be a joke.
(b) He is offended and argues.
(c) He isn't sure, but agrees to bring it up at the next town meeting.
(d) He agrees and wants to hear more.

2. Which of the following best describes Teets Miiller and Bootsie Pitts?
(a) They dress up and come to the store only to show off for the men.
(b) They are tomboys who want to be included in the boys' games.
(c) Men are attracted to them because of their dependability and modesty.
(d) They are demure and shy.

3. How has Daisy's return to town affected Jim Weston and Dave Carter?
(a) It has not affected them at all.
(b) Jim Weston is distracted by her attention, but Dave Carter is ignoring her.
(c) Dave Carter is distracted by her attention, but Jim Weston is ignoring her.
(d) Daisy's return to town has put a strain on their friendship.

4. What assurance does Deacon Simms give Sisters Taylor and Thomas?
(a) He assures them that the trial will be quick and fair.
(b) He assures them that not only will Jim Weston be cleared, but they may get a new mayor.
(c) He assures them that Jim Weston will get the punishment he deserves.
(d) He assures them that they will both get a chance to testify at the trial.

5. What does Joe Clarke realize that he needs to get from the lodge room before he goes to the trial?
(a) The evidence.
(b) The gavel.
(c) His judge's robe.
(d) The list of charges.

6. What evidence does Joe Clarke offer to support his accusation of JIm Weston?
(a) He says he has heard that he buries a lot of feathers in his back yard.
(b) He says he always behaves suspiciously.
(c) He says he just looks like the type of guy who would do such a thing.
(d) He says he has seen odd-shaped bulges in his coat pockets.

7. On what errand does Joe Clarke send Lum Boger?
(a) To get the gavel.
(b) To work at the store during the trial.
(c) To get the witnesses.
(d) To get Jim Weston and the mule bone from the barn.

8. What does Sister Taylor call the Baptist children?
(a) "Lil Baptis' Haitians."
(b) "Limbs of Satan."
(c) "You all varmints."
(d) "Devil's chillen."

9. As the evening progresses, what games do the men on the porch play?
(a) They play Scrabble.
(b) They alternate between cards and playing checkers.
(c) They shoot dice.
(d) They play hangman.

10. What explanation does Deacon Lindsay give to explain why he doesn't want to talk to Sister Taylor?
(a) She is a Baptist and he does not speak to Baptists.
(b) He says she is too ugly.
(c) He heard that she has been gossiping about him.
(d) He is too busy and on his way to work.

11. Which of the following best describes the exchange between Sister Taylor and Deacon Lindsay?
(a) They say little, but they exchange vicious glances.
(b) They playfully tease each other.
(c) They criticize each other and threaten to fight.
(d) Their exchange leads to improved relations between both sides.

12. Where is Jim Weston held until his trial?
(a) In Joe Clarke's barn.
(b) Under house arrest.
(c) In the church basement.
(d) In the store's cellar.

13. For what crime is Jim Weston being tried?
(a) Assault and battery.
(b) Possession of an illegal weapon.
(c) Disorderly conduct.
(d) Attempted murder.

14. Why does Sister Taylor doubt that the girl's mother will influence the girl?
(a) She says the girl's mother does not behave any better than the daughter.
(b) She says that a child that mean will not listen to anyone.
(c) She knows that the mother tries but has no control over the daughter.
(d) She knows that the girl only listens to her father.

15. Of what, in addition to assault, does Joe Clarke suggest that Jim Weston is guilty?
(a) Of mistreating women.
(b) Of stealing from his store.
(c) Of being ungodly and not attending church.
(d) Of stealing his chickens.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the sisters Taylor and Thomas treat Deacon Simms when he arrives?

2. What are Joe Clarke and Deacon Simms doing when Jim Weston and Dave Carter arrive at the store?

3. What name does Sister Taylor call the girl who sasses back at her?

4. For what does Sister Taylor chastise the children in Act 2, Scene 1?

5. What complaint does Joe Clarke make about Lum Boger?

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