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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sister Taylor doubt that the girl's mother will influence the girl?
(a) She knows that the mother tries but has no control over the daughter.
(b) She says the girl's mother does not behave any better than the daughter.
(c) She knows that the girl only listens to her father.
(d) She says that a child that mean will not listen to anyone.

2. Who orders Jim' Weston's arrest?
(a) Deacon Simms.
(b) Joe Clarke.
(c) Daisy.
(d) Marshal Lum Boger.

3. How does Dave Carter react to Jim Weston's anger?
(a) He accuses Jim Weston of being an inferior musician.
(b) He punches Jim Weston in the stomach.
(c) He apologizes to his friend.
(d) He ignores him and escorts Daisy into the store so he can buy her a treat.

4. What complaint does Joe Clarke make about Lum Boger?
(a) He says he walks too slowly.
(b) He says he is disrespectful.
(c) He says he is lazy.
(d) He says he is "dumb as a stump."

5. Where is the notice of Jim Weston's trial displayed?
(a) It is not posted; everyone just knows about it.
(b) It is tacked to a big oak tree in town.
(c) It is posted in Joe Clarke's store.
(d) It is posted on both church doors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Jim Weston play?

2. Why does Joe Lindsay bring the mule bone to the store?

3. When will Jim Weston's trial begin?

4. Where did Joe Lindsay find the mule bone?

5. How do Sisters Taylor and Thomas respond to Reverend Childers' greeting?

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