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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Daisy been before her return to town?
(a) She was away at college.
(b) She was in prison for a suspicious accident.
(c) No one knows where she has been.
(d) She was in the North working for a white family.

2. Why is Joe Clarke so passionate about the town?
(a) He put up the money to purchase and develop the land.
(b) It's the only place that he's ever lived.
(c) He needs the town to maintain a positive reputation so that he can sell his property for a profit.
(d) He was born and raised there.

3. Where did Joe Lindsay find the mule bone?
(a) It is his good luck charm, so he never leaves home without it.
(b) He always carries it with him when he walks to town in order to fight off stray dogs.
(c) He says he found it while he was hunting.
(d) He says he found it behind the store.

4. Why does Dave Carter strike back at Jim Weston?
(a) Jim Weston breaks his nose.
(b) Jim Weston causes Dave Carter to spill red soda all over his shirt.
(c) Jim Weston makes a rude comment about Dave Carter's mother.
(d) Jim Weston accidentally hits Daisy when he swings at Dave.Carter.

5. Why does Joe Lindsay bring the mule bone to the store?
(a) He uses it to protect himself from stray dogs.
(b) He believes it will bring him luck.
(c) He wants to return it to its rightful owner.
(d) He wants to show it to the other men.

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe the relationship between the Methodists and the Baptists in town.

2. Why does Jim Weston begin to play music?

3. Why does Daisy come to the store?

4. What does Deacon Simms suggest they do about the problem of snakes in the area?

5. What complaint does Deacon Simms have about snakes?

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