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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Joe Clarke chase away the children who are playing in front of the store?
(a) The children almost broke a window in his store.
(b) He does not really like children.
(c) They are noisy, and he cannot concentrate on his game.
(d) It is getting late and their parents will expect them home.

2. How does Daisy respond to the question of whether she prefers Jim Weston or Dave Carter?
(a) She will not say who she would choose.
(b) She says that she is not interested in either.
(c) She says she prefers Jim Weston.
(d) She says she prefers Dave Carter.

3. Why does Sister Taylor doubt that the girl's mother will influence the girl?
(a) She knows that the girl only listens to her father.
(b) She says the girl's mother does not behave any better than the daughter.
(c) She says that a child that mean will not listen to anyone.
(d) She knows that the mother tries but has no control over the daughter.

4. What does Dave Carter buy for Daisy?
(a) A red soda.
(b) Some kettle corn.
(c) An ice cream cone.
(d) Cotton candy.

5. When will Jim Weston's trial begin?
(a) On Monday.
(b) The text does not state how long it will be until his trial.
(c) In a month.
(d) In two weeks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What explanation does Sister Thomas offer to explain Joe Clarke's decisions regarding the trial?

2. Where did Joe Lindsay find the mule bone?

3. What assurance does Deacon Simms give Sisters Taylor and Thomas?

4. Why does the store owner at first refuse to give Mrs. Roberts the meat that she asks for?

5. How do the sisters Taylor and Thomas treat Deacon Simms when he arrives?

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