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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the women react when Lum Boger comes back to quiet them?
(a) They threaten him and warn him not to come near them.
(b) They quiet down for a bit.
(c) They apologize and quickly quiet down.
(d) They ignore him.

2. On what errand does Joe Clarke send Lum Boger?
(a) To work at the store during the trial.
(b) To get the gavel.
(c) To get the witnesses.
(d) To get Jim Weston and the mule bone from the barn.

3. What evidence does Joe Clarke offer to support his accusation of JIm Weston?
(a) He says he just looks like the type of guy who would do such a thing.
(b) He says he has heard that he buries a lot of feathers in his back yard.
(c) He says he always behaves suspiciously.
(d) He says he has seen odd-shaped bulges in his coat pockets.

4. How has Daisy's return to town affected Jim Weston and Dave Carter?
(a) Dave Carter is distracted by her attention, but Jim Weston is ignoring her.
(b) Jim Weston is distracted by her attention, but Dave Carter is ignoring her.
(c) It has not affected them at all.
(d) Daisy's return to town has put a strain on their friendship.

5. How do Jim Weston and Dave Carter react to Daisy's return?
(a) They are both too nervous to say anything.
(b) They immediately break into song.
(c) They begin to push and shove each other.
(d) They playfully criticize each other to try to impress Daisy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What complaint does Joe Clarke make about Lum Boger?

2. According to Reverend Childers, why is an ass bone close to a mule bone?

3. How do the children react to Sister Taylor's reprimands?

4. How does Jim Weston respond to the Baptists' actions when he enters the church?

5. Who is Joe Clarke?

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