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Karen Armstrong
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Revelation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If more people understood the teachings of the religion instead of the teachings and practices of the radicals, how would the Islamic world be viewed?
(a) No differently.
(b) Worse.
(c) Differently.
(d) Almost the same.

2. This section examines ___________ the Prophet Muhammad and looks at how it developed.
(a) The love for.
(b) The fear of.
(c) The hatred of.
(d) The interest in.

3. In 850, the monk Perfectus denounced the Prophet. Who put him to death?
(a) The Meccans.
(b) The Qadi.
(c) The Jews.
(d) The Christians.

4. With what was conversion to monotheism associated?
(a) Loss of political autonomy and subjugation to imperialistic control.
(b) A powerful God.
(c) Rules and laws.
(d) Unity.

5. When was the Quran compiled?
(a) In 650.
(b) In 550.
(c) In 850.
(d) In 750.

Short Answer Questions

1. Many refer to Muhammad as ________ or unlettered prophet.

2. What did Muhammad use to force people to convert to Islam?

3. What does Armstrong believe that a religion should not be judged on the basis of ?

4. By what century was Europe actively fighting Islam?

5. When pregnant, Muhammad's mother was told something. What was she told?

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