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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through pages 44-87.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Peter blurts out to Clarissa that he is in love with ________________________.
(a) the wife of a Major in the Indian Army.
(b) his wife's sister.
(c) Clarissa.
(d) his daughter's nanny.

2. What is Maisie's last name?
(a) Sloane.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Hall.
(d) Murray.

3. Where does Clarissa walk to hear the chimes of Big Ben?
(a) St. James' Park.
(b) Liverpool.
(c) Picadilly Circus.
(d) Westminster.

4. Clarissa is fond of viewing things as ___________________.
(a) a trial.
(b) a horror.
(c) a blessing.
(d) a gift.

5. The crowds that gather around Buckingham Palace try to guess what will be written by ______________________.
(a) the Prime Minister.
(b) the Queen.
(c) the skywriter.
(d) the newspaper editor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has Clarissa been thinking a lot about lately?

2. What does Clarissa find ridiculous about Peter?

3. Why does Peter Walsh think that he doesn't like returning to England?

4. What is Lucrezia's nickname?

5. What does Clarissa see outside the floral shop window?

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