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Object Descriptions

Buckingham Palace - Located in Westminster, it is the official home for the British Royals although they only spend part of the year in residence.

London, England - This is the main setting of the story.

Westminster - This is the upscale section of London that houses the Dalloway home, Lady Bruton's estate, Buckingham Palace, and Parliament.

The Dalloway Home - The house is filled with unique and expensive treasures and also kept just so to keep up appearances.

Lady Bruton's Estate - This is the site of many famous luncheons attended by notable people.

Bourton - This is the name of Clarissa's childhood home.

India - This is the country to which Peter Walsh fled and spent the next five years of his life.

The Houses of Parliament - These are the sites in which Richard Dalloway works.

Fleet Street - This is one of the...

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