Mrs. Dalloway Character Descriptions

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Miss Pym

This character waits on Clarissa at the floral shop.

Sir William Bradshaw

Although he immediately grasps the gravity and nature of Septimus' condition, he is nevertheless an unlikable character.

Lady Bruton

She is a woman of strong character, active in public and political life, who always uses her influence in matters about which she feels strongly.


She is referred to in passing as the woman whom Peter Walsh is to marry.

Clarissa Dalloway

She is the principal character of the novel since it is her party that gives definition to the narrative and her point of view dominates the book.

Elizabeth Dalloway

She is just coming of age, and she is somewhat in the thrall of her history tutor.

Richard Dalloway

He is a politician and member of Parliament and the Conservative Party, demonstrating his relative social and political conservatism.

Ellie Henderson

She is not...

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