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• It is the middle of June and Clarissa Dalloway, a woman living in the Westminster section of London, is enjoying the beautiful day and thinking about her absent friends.

• Clarissa thinks about the fact that World War I is over and it is time for garden parties, polo ponies and dancing.

• Clarissa takes a walk through Westminster and sees an old friend, Hugh Whitbread, who has brought his ailing mother to see a doctor.
• Clarissa loves Hugh as they have been friends all their lives, even though Clarissa always feels awkward and under-dressed around the impeccable Hugh.

• Clarissa thinks about how Hugh hates Peter Walsh and has never forgiven her for liking the man.

• When Clarissa had been engaged to Peter, they argued all the time and she eventually broke off the engagement.

• Clarissa then married Richard Dalloway, a man who gave her room; Peter married...

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