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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dan claim is another name for the Temple Mound People?
(a) The Early Mississippian Culture.
(b) The Aztecs.
(c) The Jasker Tribe.
(d) The Adena.

2. Which character says in Act 1, "The truth is in dreams and nightmares, but you haven't succeeded in getting that down?"
(a) Dan.
(b) Cynthia.
(c) August.
(d) Delia.

3. Which character is raised and taught by his/her grandmother?
(a) Dan.
(b) Chad.
(c) Jean.
(d) Delia.

4. Jean says that in one village six men were laid out ceremonially with what cut off?
(a) Their right hands.
(b) Their genitalia.
(c) Their heads.
(d) Their legs.

5. What upsets Delia after the completion of her novel?
(a) She thought the transcriber hadn't liked it.
(b) She had lied while writing it.
(c) She believed her publisher wouldn't buy it.
(d) She thought it was awful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Delia's ex-husband's sell?

2. Whom does August say Cynthia believes herself to be when speaking to the recorder in Act 1 Part 2?

3. How old is the character Chad Jasker?

4. Why does Dan rattle on during his conversation with Delia in the middle of the night in Act 1 Part 6?

5. How does Dan say is the only way to feel completely safe on the sidewalks of New York?

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place in the falling action of The Mound Builders?

2. What does Delia feel is the greatest sin? Why?

3. The Mound Builders is unique in its depiction of time. Explain the two different periods of time which are illustrated in the play and how this differentiation is made clear to the audience (and reader).

4. Why did Delia lock herself in her apartment after completing her book? Who found her?

5. What does August suggest to Cynthia regarding Delia in Act 1? Who else has dealt with Delia in this way?

6. Who arrives drunk after fishing near the end of Act 1? What is the relationship of these two characters?

7. Which character wishes he/she could see the future? How is this revealed in the play?

8. What is the climax of the play? Where does this occur?

9. How does Dan react to Delia's comment in Act 2 that everyone vanishes "without a trace?"

10. Describe the character of Cynthia. Who is she in relation to the main character? How old is she? What is her profession?

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