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Act 1 Part 1

• August sits at a desk, speaking to a tape recorder, addressing a secretary named Dianne.

• August says into the recorder that after months of procrastination he intends to sort through the wreckage of the previous summer's expedition.

• The back screen of the "study" shows a projected image of a lake.

• August says to the recorder that this is the lake against which they were racing time.

• The next slide shows the house, where August says they were staying during the expedition.

• Another slide shows the construction of the dam and engineers preparing the lake bed which will be built.

• The next slide shows the dig, as August explains that the engineers uncovered evidence of an extensive village site less than 600 feet from the house.

• The sound of a car stopping outside is heard and car doors opening and closing.

• August ends with saying into the recorder...

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