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Short Answer Questions

1. Why hasn't the watchman sounded the alarm?

2. What song does the cook sing to the parson?

3. How do the soldiers silence Kattrin?

4. How does the cook propose that he and Mother Courage call to the parson?

5. What does the voice from the house offer to the cook?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Brecht's use of compassion and depravity side-by-side in "Mother Courage".

Essay Topic 2

"Mother Courage" is full of dark humor and irony. Discuss Brecht's use of these tools in the play. Where does it appear? What affect does it have on the plot and other characters? Is it used effectively?

Essay Topic 3

War is the context, driving force, and most prominent character in "Mother Courage and Her Children".

Part 1) Who is "War", the character?

Part 2) What is Brecht's statement about "War"?

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