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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the peseants' ladder to get to the roof?

2. A soldier tells Kattrin if she comes down from the roof and takes them to her mother, they will ______________.

3. What prayer do the peasants pray when the soldiers are threatening them in their farmhouse?

4. What is Mother Courage doing while she talks to the chaplain at the beginning of Scene 6?

5. The first soldier threatens that he will kill the cattle if the peasants are not ______.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss what characterizes and defines the climax and denouement of "Mother Courage".

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the dynamic of men vs. women and family versus solitude in "Mother Courage".

Essay Topic 3

Throughout "Mother Courage" characters use song to express themselves and Brecht uses them to flesh out moments. What is the purpose and effect of the musical quality of the play?

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