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Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't they ring bells for the commander's funeral?

2. What song does the cook sing to the parson?

3. Why is Mother Courage encouraged to leave the farmhouse quickly and not stay with Kattrin's body?

4. Why will it be easier for Kattrin to find a husband at the inn?

5. How does Kattrin react when the peasants tell her there are children in town?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

War is the context, driving force, and most prominent character in "Mother Courage and Her Children".

Part 1) Who is "War", the character?

Part 2) What is Brecht's statement about "War"?

Essay Topic 2

Kattrin is mute and must express herself through mime. A play, however, is centered on dialogue.

Part 1) How is having a silent character a powerful statement in a drama?

Part 2) How is Kattrin a tool in Brecht's portrayal of war?

Part 3) What is invaluable about Kattrin's condition?

Part 4) Who is most impacted by her? Who does she better define?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout "Mother Courage" characters use song to express themselves and Brecht uses them to flesh out moments. What is the purpose and effect of the musical quality of the play?

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