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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Some time after Swiss Cheese has been killed, why is Mother Courage going to complain to the captain?
(a) Because he scared off her business.
(b) Because Swiss Cheese was wrongfully killed.
(c) Because her cart has been destroyed.
(d) Because he treats soldiers badly.

2. Mother Courage observes that there is no ______ in being seated.
(a) Revolt.
(b) Shame.
(c) Dignity.
(d) Glory.

3. What does Mother Courage run with through the bombardment, giving her her nickname?
(a) Fifty loaves of bread.
(b) An important message.
(c) Her children.
(d) Medical supplies.

4. Why does Mother Courage have her opinion of the commander?
(a) He needs brave soldiers.
(b) He is mean to Eilif.
(c) He is respectful and tolerant.
(d) He is well read.

5. What is so special about the capon Mother Courage tries to sell?
(a) It could live forever.
(b) It was intelligent.
(c) It had many children.
(d) It was magical.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Yvette sing "The Fraternization Song"?

2. What does the clerk know about Mother Courage?

3. What does the sergeant claim is hypocritical of Mother Courage?

4. What does the recruiting officer offer Eilif if he joins the army?

5. What isn't Mother Courage lending out to soldiers when the Catholic soldiers invade the camp?

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