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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eilif aspire to be like?
(a) The Commander.
(b) His father.
(c) The Chaplain.
(d) Julius Caesar.

2. What regiment is Mother Courage's family from?
(a) Third Polish Regiment.
(b) Second Polish Regiment.
(c) First Finnish Regiment.
(d) Second Finnish Regiment.

3. Why won't Swiss Cheese steal the money from the pay box?
(a) It is locked.
(b) He is too honest and simple.
(c) His mother told him not to.
(d) There isn't any money.

4. How much does the cook end up buying the capon for?
(a) Ten hellers.
(b) One guilder.
(c) Twenty hellers.
(d) Fifty hellers.

5. When Kattrin puts on Yvette's clothes, what about Yvette does she imitate?
(a) Her manly walk.
(b) Her blank face.
(c) Her batting eyelashes.
(d) Her sexy walk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mother Courage compare mixing the slips of paper in the helmet to?

2. Why does Eilif sing "The Song of the Wise Woman and the Soldier"?

3. Why does Mother Courage draw a black cross for "death"?

4. When Eilif wants to join the army, Mother Courage tells him he's never happy until he's _______.

5. Why is Mother Courage angry with Eilif after he attacks the peasants?

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