Daily Lessons for Teaching Mother Courage and Her Children

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Objective: Context "Mother Courage" is set during the 30-Years War. This context is the basis of the book, building the themes and defining the characters. In this lesson, discuss the 30-Years War in order to ensure students will fully understand the context of these characters.

1) Teacher Introduction: Describe the 30-Years War to students (cause, effect, before, after, etc.).

2) Class Discussion: Now that we have a thorough understanding of the context, what can we say about this scene? Do we feel that these characters and the story so far fit the context? Are they out-of-place? What in this scene makes these ties to the context or disconnects them from it? Is there anything in the scene you didn't notice or understand before we understood the context? Is there anything it might be impossible to understand without knowing the context? Would one interpret "Mother Courage" differently without knowing the...

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