Mother Courage and Her Children Character Descriptions

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The Chaplain - This character is in the Swedish Army and travels for several years helping sell supplies and helping families who have been injured in the war.

The Cook - This character is an employee of the Swedish Army, working for the Commander who inherits an inn when his mother dies.

Mother Courage - This character is middle-aged with three children by three different men. She follows soldiers through the war, selling supplies and food.

Feyos - See Swiss Cheese.

Anna Fierling - See Mother Courage.

Kattrin Haupt - This character is half German and mute. She is defiant and ultimately sacrifices herself to the war.

Eilif Noyocki - This character is a brutal young soldier. He was first praised for his brutality towards peasants but is later punished for it in peace-time.

Peter Piper - See The Cook.

Yvette Pottier - This character is...

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