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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Random do when Ford begs her not to steal his ship and leave him alone in the forest with a head injury?
(a) She shrugs and leaves.
(b) She apologizes but leaves.
(c) She pretends she doesn't hear him.
(d) She hits him with a rock.

2. How does the barman respond to the size of the tip Ford wants to leave the singer at the Bar & Grill?
(a) He stares.
(b) He shrugs.
(c) He faints.
(d) He laughs.

3. After Ford and Arthur ride through to the desert world, what does Ford tell Arthur to do?
(a) Duck.
(b) Hold on.
(c) Let go.
(d) Jump.

4. What do the other two creatures give her?
(a) A cup and a piece of paper.
(b) A flower and a blade of grass.
(c) A button and a piece of gum.
(d) A rock and a stick.

5. How does Arthur react when Ford tells him the Guide has been bought out?
(a) With anger.
(b) With fear.
(c) With joy.
(d) With sarcasm.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does Trillian say they have reintroduced the death penalty?

2. Who does Arthur think named the Perfectly Normal Beast?

3. What does Trillian think of the sandwich?

4. What does Arthur believe will happen to him on Stavromula Beta?

5. Where does Old Thrashbarg say the Perfectly Normal Beasts come from?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ford get the new Guide out of the Guide offices?

2. Describe how the Sandwich Maker makes a sandwich.

3. Describe the monument that marks the location where the species Vogon Vogonblurtus first appeared.

4. Why is Ford worried about the new Guide?

5. What do Ford and Arthur talk about as they ride the Perfectly Normal Beast away?

6. What is odd about the Perfectly Normal Beast?

7. How does the interview between Tricia and Random go?

8. How does Ford suggest getting off Arthur's new home planet?

9. How does Ford react when he first sees a pikka bird?

10. Why is Random fascinated by Arthur's watch?

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