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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23, Chapter 24 and Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the aliens say they live?
(a) In orbit.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) Rupert.
(d) Pluto.

2. How do the aliens get goods from Earth?
(a) By disguising themselves as humans.
(b) By mail order to an address where they make pick-ups.
(c) By stealing them.
(d) By special arrangements with a black market racketeer.

3. When Ford re-enters the editors office, what piece of furniture does he intend to hide behind?
(a) A red chair.
(b) A grand piano.
(c) A grey sofa.
(d) A teak bookshelf.

4. What does the message from Gail Andrews say?
(a) Interested.
(b) Confused.
(c) Not happy.
(d) Anxiously waiting.

5. What kind of shoes does Ford buy himself?
(a) Blue suede shoes.
(b) Black and white oxfords.
(c) High snakeskin boots.
(d) Red sandals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why don't Ford and Arthur want to get too close to the herd of Perfectly Normal Beasts?

2. How much further is the ventilation shaft from the ground than what Ford remembers?

3. How long do Ford and Arthur spend trying to catch the attention of a Perfectly Normal Beast?

4. What does the old lady do with the food she's been cooking over a fire?

5. What does Eric pick for good luck?

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