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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23, Chapter 24 and Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of shoes does Ford buy himself?
(a) Blue suede shoes.
(b) Red sandals.
(c) High snakeskin boots.
(d) Black and white oxfords.

2. What are the men in the editor's office armed with when Ford returns?
(a) Rocket launchers.
(b) Flame throwers.
(c) Grenades.
(d) Cattle prods.

3. Why does Ford think the men in the editor's office are from InfiniDim Enterprises?
(a) They have company credit cards.
(b) They have logos on their armor.
(c) They wear company ID tatoos.
(d) They strenuously deny being from the company.

4. What noise does the computer on the Grebulon ship get in response to a click?
(a) A hum.
(b) A tap-tap.
(c) A knock.
(d) Nothing.

5. What design is on Ford's towel?
(a) Purple and yellow polka dots.
(b) A red and orange abstract pattern.
(c) Green and black stripes.
(d) A blue and pink floral pattern.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes the woman who arrives in the spacecraft to head toward the Sandwich Maker's house?

2. What illusion does Random walk through in the woods?

3. What noise does the computer on the Grebulon ship think it should get in response to the click?

4. What astrological sign is the Grebulon leader?

5. What does the message from Gail Andrews say?

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