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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 and Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much further is the ventilation shaft from the ground than what Ford remembers?
(a) Three inches.
(b) Six inches.
(c) Twelve inches.
(d) Nine inches.

2. Where does Ford find he understands intense multi-dimensional logic best?
(a) In the bath.
(b) In hyperspace.
(c) In his sleep.
(d) In a bar.

3. What does the shadowy shape Ford sees in the window appear to be like?
(a) Bird-like.
(b) Cat-like.
(c) Wolf-like.
(d) Skeleton-like.

4. What does Ford do to open the reluctant door?
(a) He reasons with it.
(b) He kicks it.
(c) He knocks on it.
(d) He opens it with a credit card.

5. What department occupies the fifteenth floor of the Guide offices?
(a) Futuristic Speculation.
(b) Formal Apologetics.
(c) Logistical Administration.
(d) Argumentation and Evasiveness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the aliens to come get Tricia?

2. What club did Tricia go to in New York that she wants to tell someone about?

3. What color are the aliens, in the light of Tricia's house?

4. How long does Tricia think she'll be able to stay standing up, as she talks to her gardener?

5. What do boghogs do to communicate?

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