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Hitchhiker's Guide Entry

Choose something in the universe to write a Hitchhiker's Guide entry about. Write the original submission and the shortened, edited version.

New Guide Ad Campaign

Make a poster advertising the new Hitchhiker's Guide.

Your New Place in the Universe

Imagine that you are alone in the universe, like Arthur Dent. Create a planet that you'd like to settle on. Write a description of the planet and its life form, and what you would do there.

Strange Alien Creature

Design your own strange alien creature that might exist in the world of the Hitchhiker's Guide. What does it look like? What are its behaviors? What sort of planet does it live on?

Vogon Home Life

Write a description of a Vogon's home life with its family.

Travel Brochure for NowWhat

Make your own travel brochure to advertise travel to NowWhat.

The Skill You Would Bring to Lamuella

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