Mostly Harmless Character Descriptions

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Tricia McMillian - This pretty British news anchor has a prestigious degree in mathematics and a doctorate in astrophysics, but fails to make progress in the news industry.

Arthur Dent - This nice, polite Earthling, devastated by a spaceship crash a year ago, unexpectedly must become a parent and winds up traveling back home to Earth.

Ford Prefect - This reckless, thrill-seeking, thieving galactic hitchhiker and writer breaks into the headquarters to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in an attempt to fix what is wrong with the organization.

Gail Andrews - This unhappy protector, sage, and parental figure to one of the main characters was once the astrologer to the dead president.

Eric Bartlett - This gardener says the marks on a main character's lawn are from an alien spaceship.

Vann Harl - This new editor-in-chief of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy restructures the headquarters...

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