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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

• A Grebulon ship is hit by a meteor, losing its computer banks and the minds of the crew, and finally lands on a planet to follow the incomplete remaining bits of known orders.
• Dissatisfied former astronomer and mathematician Tricia McMillan meets with astrologer Gail Andrews after their TV interview and tells the story of how she was almost taken off the planet by an alien with two heads.
• Tricia blows the audition for an anchor job in New York when she fails to go back to her hotel room for her bag.

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

• The totality of existence is an incomprehensible thing called the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash, involving parallel dimensions where random events change destinies.
• Tricia returns home to London to find marks on her lawn that her gardener believes are from an alien spaceship.
• Tricia decides to go out to...

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