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Short Answer Questions

1. How does he get the money to restore the business after the losses?

2. What characterizes the strange speech patterns of the family?

3. What happens when distant relatives are invited to stay at the da Gama houses?

4. What does Epifania's example cause the rest of the family to do?

5. What allows Aurora and Abie to reunite?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the war affect Abraham's running of the family spice business?

2. How are the three girls, Christina, Inamorata, and Philomena, teased at school?

3. What conflict arose in Camoens when he went to hear Mahatma Gandhi?

4. How does Francisco defile Epifania's worship place?

5. Why has Aurora been up to so much mischief in the house late at night?

6. How does Moor get to know more about his mother and father and their relationship?

7. After gaining entry into Vasco's house, what prevents Miranda from killing Moor?

8. Why are Camoens and Aires given fifteen year prison sentences?

9. How does Aurora manage to upset the Hindu-Muslim population of India?

10. What in Miranda's character seem to foreshadow serious problems to come?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay of at least two typed, double spaced pages comparing Aurora and Moor with Marge Simpson and Bart. Let you imagination run free in this humorous essay that shows the similarity in Marge's relationship to her "special little guy," and the close relationship Moor has with Aurora before Uma comes on the scene.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay of at least two typed, double spaced pages on Moral Lessons in The Moor's Last Sigh. Begin your essay by defining moral lessons in obvious works such as Aesop's Fables. Select three characters from the novel to show how eventually each one pays for bad behavior. Include Sammy Hazaré who pays for his hatred by killing himself as a suicide bomber.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay of at least two typed, double spaced pages on Rushdie's use of references to literature and incorporation of actual history in his novel. Use as main points:

(1) examples of various literary quotes or adaptations (your choice), (2) actual events such as the rally with Gandhi and the imprisonment of Nehru, and (3) finally the way he works the 1993 bombings into the story.

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