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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who teaches Moraes street fighting?
(a) Lambajan Chandiwala
(b) Jaya Hé, an older tutor
(c) Lambajan, a former bare-knuckle boxer
(d) Vasco Miranda

2. What happens to the major characters except Moor at the end of chapter 18?
(a) they all die natural deaths
(b) they mostly go into exile
(c) they are all killed
(d) they are imprisoned

3. What do the papers say about Aurora's paintings the morning after her exhibition?
(a) she is completely ignored
(b) she is called an artistic whore
(c) she is called the greatest artist of all time
(d) she is blasted as an artistic has-been

4. What happens when Vasco turns the gun on Moor?
(a) the gun misfires
(b) Moor uses his fighting technique to kick it away
(c) he laughs and leaves Moor with the dead woman
(d) he collapses before he can fire

5. What is Dom Minto doing that Moor only senses?
(a) shadowing him and Aurora
(b) planning to kill Aurora
(c) sleeping with Nadia Wadia
(d) extorting money from Abraham

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Moor perceive Adam?

2. How does Moraes say he got closer to his mother?

3. How does Abraham lose his children?

4. When does Abraham announce that he has adopted Adam Braganza, henceforth his "beloved son?"

5. What does Miranda order to do that is comparable to the tale of Scheherazade?

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