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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What angers Aires by their disappearance?
(a) his little black address and telephone book
(b) his beloved ivories and Ganesha statues
(c) his transvestite clothes
(d) his latest two lovers

2. What led Francisco da Gama to make changes in the house and chapel?
(a) artistic temperament
(b) punishment for Epifania
(c) Ghandian simplicity
(d) religious fervor

3. What is Ganesha?
(a) a type of rare emerald found only in India
(b) a kind of Hindu offering left before Siva
(c) a Hindu god with a human body and an elephant head
(d) a special food prepared for Hindu holy days

4. About what does Moraes soliloquize at the beginning of chapter 7?
(a) the reason he is being pursued
(b) the fear he has of death
(c) the reason for his tale
(d) the authentic diversity of India

5. What does Moraes say was his father's lament?
(a) being an old father
(b) trying to keep up with Aurora
(c) having to rest and catch his breath
(d) ever having married Aurora

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Francisco leave his estate and the Gama Trading Company?

2. What does the argument between Flory and her son reveal to the reader?

3. Why does she open the windows at night?

4. What is the reader not sure of at this point in chapter four?

5. What is Aurora's goal in all her night time activity?

Short Essay Questions

1. Debunking his father's family history, what does Moor suggest about his late grandmother, Flory.

2. What has Moraes left on his trail as he sits collecting his breath in the graveyard?

3. After reconciling, what plans do Moor and Abraham make?

4. Returning several decades before Aurora's death, how to readers learn about the arrival of a doorman?

5. Describe the opening of the novel.

6. What conflict arose in Camoens when he went to hear Mahatma Gandhi?

7. How does Moor excuse himself for writing about his parents sex lives?

8. Explain Francisco da Gama's beliefs that drive wedges between family members.

9. What is the fitting scene of Moor at the end of the novel?

10. What is the transformation of Abraham?

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