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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose bungalow in a marginal part of town is a shrine to Nadia Wadia?
(a) Sammy Hazaré's
(b) Vasco Miranda's
(c) Abraham Zogoiby's
(d) Moor's

2. What do the papers say about Aurora's paintings the morning after her exhibition?
(a) she is blasted as an artistic has-been
(b) she is called an artistic whore
(c) she is called the greatest artist of all time
(d) she is completely ignored

3. How does Moraes say Abraham tried to influence Aurora?
(a) towards being a better mother
(b) towards accepting religion
(c) towards realism in her art
(d) towards giving more to charity

4. Who does Moor say is the woman who transformed, exalted and ruined his life?
(a) a prostitute he imports to the city
(b) Aurora
(c) Sister Floreas
(d) Uma Sarasvati

5. What could Moor have been to his mother because of his advanced aging?
(a) a surrogate father
(b) another burden to care for
(c) a contemporary and friend
(d) a wise instructor

6. Who teaches Moraes street fighting?
(a) Lambajan Chandiwala
(b) Jaya Hé, an older tutor
(c) Lambajan, a former bare-knuckle boxer
(d) Vasco Miranda

7. What followed Aurora's snubbing of Prime Minister Nehru at the presentation ceremony of the Esteemed Lotus Award for Excellence in the Arts?
(a) a brief prison sentence
(b) high praise from the news media
(c) a shot exile to England
(d) a brief ostracism by India's artistic elite

8. What is the condition of Vasco Miranda as Uma joins the household?
(a) angry, moody, dying
(b) jealous and deceptive
(c) graying and losing his talent
(d) aging, fattening, declining

9. How does Moraes say he got closer to his mother?
(a) studying her paintings
(b) asking his father
(c) listening to her poems
(d) modeling for her

10. Where does Aurora allow Kekoo Mody to mount a retrospective exhibition of her works?
(a) the Indian Parliament
(b) the British Consullate
(c) the Prince of Wales Museum
(d) the Gandhi Museum

11. In her fifties, what style does Aurora's paintings take?
(a) pointilism
(b) cubism
(c) realism
(d) black and white abstraction

12. How long has Ina been dead when the family attends the Mahalaxmi Weekend Constitutional?
(a) six months
(b) a year
(c) three weeks
(d) forty-one days

13. How does the novel take a dark twist in the character of Abraham?
(a) his killing of aurora is revealed
(b) his underworld dealings are revealed
(c) his attempts to kill Moor are revealed
(d) his drug addiction is revealed

14. Who is the tutor with whom Moraes has a physical relationship?
(a) Dilly Hormuz
(b) Dolly Hamilton
(c) Daisy Harman
(d) Dizzy Hellman

15. What does Moor learn that Uma had done to cause his banishment by Abraham and aurora?
(a) paid someone to tell lies about him to Aurora and Abie
(b) concealed Aurora behind a tapestry while she made love to him
(c) taped him raging against them while making love to Uma
(d) had someone photograph him posing nude for her

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Abraham announce that he has adopted Adam Braganza, henceforth his "beloved son?"

2. What does Moor take with him when he goes?

3. What is seen in Aurora's controversial painting of a young lady and man based on a news report?

4. What does Moraes say Abraham finally revealed?

5. What does Miranda order to do that is comparable to the tale of Scheherazade?

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