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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Abraham and Moor want to recover Miranda's crude painting Aurora called The Moor's Last Sigh?
(a) to compare it to Aurora's painting of the same name
(b) to recover the painting of young Aurora underneath
(c) to get even with Vasco for running out on them
(d) to destroy it lest someone think Aurora painted it

2. Who does Moor say is the woman who transformed, exalted and ruined his life?
(a) Uma Sarasvati
(b) a prostitute he imports to the city
(c) Aurora
(d) Sister Floreas

3. What was Jaya Hé caught doing that ended her job as tutor to Moor?
(a) putting Moor on public display
(b) teaching Moor religion
(c) having sex with Moor
(d) stealing household objects for pawn

4. How does Moraes say he got closer to his mother?
(a) studying her paintings
(b) listening to her poems
(c) modeling for her
(d) asking his father

5. How was aurora really killed?
(a) by giving her LSD before she danced to make her think she could fly
(b) by pushing her off the wall as she danced
(c) shooting her with a hypodermic dart as she danced on the wall
(d) by putting grease on the wall where she was going to dance

6. How does Uma die?
(a) in a car crash
(b) falling out a three storey window
(c) by drowning in the ocean
(d) suicide by taking cyanide

7. What happens when Vasco turns the gun on Moor?
(a) he collapses before he can fire
(b) Moor uses his fighting technique to kick it away
(c) the gun misfires
(d) he laughs and leaves Moor with the dead woman

8. How does Moraes describe his feelings for his parents?
(a) a deep devotion
(b) hardly ever seeing them
(c) a constant fear
(d) a love-hate relationship

9. What happens to the major characters except Moor at the end of chapter 18?
(a) they are all killed
(b) they all die natural deaths
(c) they are imprisoned
(d) they mostly go into exile

10. What does Uma tell Moor about Keeko Mody, Vasco Miranda, and Raman Fielding?
(a) they are spies for the government
(b) they are his father's lovers
(c) they are stealing from Aurora
(d) they were all his mothers lovers

11. How long has Ina been dead when the family attends the Mahalaxmi Weekend Constitutional?
(a) forty-one days
(b) three weeks
(c) a year
(d) six months

12. What movies affect the behavior of Abraham in his sixties?
(a) Casablanca and E.T.
(b) Blade Runner and Star Wars
(c) Hud and Cleopatra
(d) Dirty Dancing and Double Indemnity

13. What results from Moraes' looking too old for kindergarten and too immature intellectually when it came time for his education?
(a) he had to wear a veil
(b) he had to be home schooled
(c) he had to study at night
(d) he had to be schooled in Paris

14. How does the novel take a dark twist in the character of Abraham?
(a) his attempts to kill Moor are revealed
(b) his underworld dealings are revealed
(c) his drug addiction is revealed
(d) his killing of aurora is revealed

15. Who is the stranger who offers to help Moor get oriented in Andalusia?
(a) Gottfried Helsing
(b) Eduvigis Refugio
(c) Renegada
(d) Felicitas Larios

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the married woman and intimately involved with both Jimmy Cash and Abraham Zogoiby, at the same time as with Moor?

2. Who does Moor meet as the head of Mumbai's Axis?

3. What does Moor learn that Uma had done to cause his banishment by Abraham and aurora?

4. How does Moraes depict the city of Bombay?

5. What happens to the painting of Aurora in Miranda's tower?

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