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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miranda order to do that is comparable to the tale of Scheherazade?
(a) spin straw into gold
(b) remain locked up in the tower
(c) serenade Miranda every night
(d) write amusing stories of his past history

2. What does Moraes say Abraham finally revealed?
(a) his feeling of entrapment by aurora
(b) the shady deals that had underpinned his economic success
(c) his Jewish roots
(d) his part in Flory's death

3. When did Aurora's and Abraham's conjugal relations cease?
(a) after Abraham has an affair
(b) after Moraes is born
(c) after Aurora starts dancing on the roof
(d) after Aurora meets Vasco Miranda

4. What movies affect the behavior of Abraham in his sixties?
(a) Hud and Cleopatra
(b) Blade Runner and Star Wars
(c) Dirty Dancing and Double Indemnity
(d) Casablanca and E.T.

5. Why do Abraham and Moor want to recover Miranda's crude painting Aurora called The Moor's Last Sigh?
(a) to get even with Vasco for running out on them
(b) to recover the painting of young Aurora underneath
(c) to destroy it lest someone think Aurora painted it
(d) to compare it to Aurora's painting of the same name

6. What do the papers say about Aurora's paintings the morning after her exhibition?
(a) she is called an artistic whore
(b) she is called the greatest artist of all time
(c) she is blasted as an artistic has-been
(d) she is completely ignored

7. What is Moor's condition after Uma dies?
(a) he is in Bombay Central, the prison
(b) he is alone on an island
(c) he is back in Aurora's house
(d) he is taken ill and almost dies

8. What landmark does Moor spot?
(a) the windmills of Don Quixote
(b) the Ganesha statue by Miranda
(c) the Aldalusian tower
(d) the fairytale tower of Vasco Miranda's Little Alhambra

9. What is Moor hoping for as he rests in the graveyard in view of Alhambra?
(a) that his rest will find peace
(b) that Felicitas will find him
(c) that Vasco is truly dead
(d) that he can gind help

10. What followed Aurora's snubbing of Prime Minister Nehru at the presentation ceremony of the Esteemed Lotus Award for Excellence in the Arts?
(a) a brief ostracism by India's artistic elite
(b) a brief prison sentence
(c) high praise from the news media
(d) a shot exile to England

11. Where does Aurora allow Kekoo Mody to mount a retrospective exhibition of her works?
(a) the British Consullate
(b) the Gandhi Museum
(c) the Prince of Wales Museum
(d) the Indian Parliament

12. What is Dom Minto doing that Moor only senses?
(a) extorting money from Abraham
(b) sleeping with Nadia Wadia
(c) planning to kill Aurora
(d) shadowing him and Aurora

13. What does Uma tell Moor about Keeko Mody, Vasco Miranda, and Raman Fielding?
(a) they are stealing from Aurora
(b) they were all his mothers lovers
(c) they are his father's lovers
(d) they are spies for the government

14. How does Moraes say he got closer to his mother?
(a) modeling for her
(b) studying her paintings
(c) asking his father
(d) listening to her poems

15. Who is the married woman and intimately involved with both Jimmy Cash and Abraham Zogoiby, at the same time as with Moor?
(a) Flory
(b) Suresh
(c) Uma
(d) Mynah

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Moor say is the woman who transformed, exalted and ruined his life?

2. How does Uma die?

3. What happens to the painting of Aurora in Miranda's tower?

4. How does the novel take a dark twist in the character of Abraham?

5. Who teaches Moraes street fighting?

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