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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the mysterious Eduvigis Refugio?
(a) an imposter or imagined airline hostess
(b) Moor's last wife
(c) the ghost of Uma
(d) an alter ego of Nadia Wadia

2. What is Aurora's unfinished, unsigned masterpiece?
(a) The Moor in Hell
(b) The Return of the Moor
(c) The Moor's Last Sigh
(d) The Moor's Arrival

3. How does Moraes depict the city of Bombay?
(a) as the dregs of humanity
(b) as the pit of poverty
(c) as the blight of Indian culture
(d) as the nexus of Indian culture

4. Why do Abraham and Moor want to recover Miranda's crude painting Aurora called The Moor's Last Sigh?
(a) to compare it to Aurora's painting of the same name
(b) to get even with Vasco for running out on them
(c) to recover the painting of young Aurora underneath
(d) to destroy it lest someone think Aurora painted it

5. Who does Moor meet as the head of Mumbai's Axis?
(a) Raman Fielding
(b) Hazaré's XI
(c) Abraham's bodyguard
(d) Lambajan Chandiwala's brother

6. What results from Moraes' looking too old for kindergarten and too immature intellectually when it came time for his education?
(a) he had to wear a veil
(b) he had to study at night
(c) he had to be schooled in Paris
(d) he had to be home schooled

7. Why does Moor refuse to pose nude for his mother?
(a) he only wants to pose nude for Uma
(b) he would be unable to hid his hand
(c) Uma convinces him it would be immoral
(d) he is embarrassed to do so

8. What is Dom Minto doing that Moor only senses?
(a) sleeping with Nadia Wadia
(b) extorting money from Abraham
(c) planning to kill Aurora
(d) shadowing him and Aurora

9. What does Miranda order to do that is comparable to the tale of Scheherazade?
(a) remain locked up in the tower
(b) serenade Miranda every night
(c) write amusing stories of his past history
(d) spin straw into gold

10. Who is the stranger who offers to help Moor get oriented in Andalusia?
(a) Renegada
(b) Gottfried Helsing
(c) Felicitas Larios
(d) Eduvigis Refugio

11. What does Moor take with him when he goes?
(a) the gun Vasco had in his hand
(b) the papers he wrote about his life and some nails
(c) the ruined painting of his mother
(d) a small bag of food and a wineskin

12. When did Aurora's and Abraham's conjugal relations cease?
(a) after Aurora starts dancing on the roof
(b) after Aurora meets Vasco Miranda
(c) after Moraes is born
(d) after Abraham has an affair

13. What is the condition of Vasco Miranda as Uma joins the household?
(a) angry, moody, dying
(b) aging, fattening, declining
(c) graying and losing his talent
(d) jealous and deceptive

14. What followed Aurora's snubbing of Prime Minister Nehru at the presentation ceremony of the Esteemed Lotus Award for Excellence in the Arts?
(a) a brief ostracism by India's artistic elite
(b) a shot exile to England
(c) a brief prison sentence
(d) high praise from the news media

15. What does Moraes see about to disturb the peace of Bombay?
(a) two power centers that loomed around Aurora Zogoiby
(b) terrorism trying to divide the people
(c) a conflict of major religions
(d) capitalism and poverty

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Moor say is the woman who transformed, exalted and ruined his life?

2. What happens to the major characters except Moor at the end of chapter 18?

3. What happens to the painting of Aurora in Miranda's tower?

4. What secret does Aurora share with Moor?

5. Who comes to rescue Moor?

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