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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aurora do locked in her room, allowing no one to enter?
(a) writing a diary
(b) cutting off all her hair
(c) leaving by her window
(d) working on her art

2. What led Francisco da Gama to make changes in the house and chapel?
(a) religious fervor
(b) Ghandian simplicity
(c) punishment for Epifania
(d) artistic temperament

3. Who does Moraes say helped Aurora when Abraham collapsed?
(a) an old mushroom-selling crone
(b) peg-leg Lambajan Chandiwala
(c) the three girls
(d) a mysterious dark-skinned man

4. The heiress to the da Gama fortune, Aurora falls in love with what older man?
(a) Adam Zogoiby
(b) Aaron Zogoiby
(c) Abraham Zogoiby
(d) Amos Zogoiby

5. How does Moraes classify his early years?
(a) the best of all worlds
(b) the blink of an eye
(c) a time of joy
(d) a fear-filled childhood

6. How does Flory die?
(a) Aurora has her assassinated
(b) a madman gives her some poison wine
(c) a madman immolates himself and Flory's robes catch fire
(d) she strangles on a spice cake

7. What is Moraes' physical deformity at birth?
(a) a club foot
(b) a deformed right hand
(c) crossed eyes
(d) over large ears

8. What happens because of Aurora's political activities?
(a) she is run out of India
(b) she is imprisoned for two years
(c) she is exiled to Italy
(d) she is sent to London to stand trial

9. Why does Abraham distance himself from the Jewish community?
(a) because he sees visions in the tiles
(b) because he cannot stand seeing Flory
(c) because he fears for his life
(d) because of his love for Aurora

10. What term of endearment does Aurora use when speaking of Abraham?
(a) Darling
(b) Abie
(c) Spice of my life
(d) Pudding

11. What characterizes the strange speech patterns of the family?
(a) making up senseless words
(b) speaking breathlessly and staccato
(c) adding ofy to verbs and o to many nouns
(d) reversing word order in sentences

12. What does Moraes lament?
(a) his lost love
(b) his short life
(c) his heritage
(d) his being a fugitive

13. How does Moraes say he is living?
(a) double quick
(b) without a home
(c) in slow motion
(d) alone

14. Who commissions Miranda to paint a portrait of Aurora and her newborn daughter Ina?
(a) Aires
(b) Abraham
(c) Aurora
(d) Flory

15. Speaking of his parents, how does Moraes refer to himself?
(a) as their big mistake
(b) as their love child
(c) as their bastard son
(d) as their only heir

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moraes say about breathing?

2. What happens to the chapel after Francisco dies?

3. Who is Flory Zogoiby's husband and father of her child?

4. How does Moraes refer to the saga of his family?

5. What does Moraes say he is doing faster than he should?

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