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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Abraham's physical infirmity introduced?
(a) he feels his chest tighten with asthma
(b) he often cannot sleep
(c) he coughs up blood
(d) he has to rest if he walks far

2. How does Moraes classify Epifania's life?
(a) a conspicuous life of prayer
(b) a contageous life of bitterness
(c) a relative life of ease
(d) an obvious life of rebellion

3. What does Moraes say Aurora became in the annual celebration of Ganesha?
(a) the mad woman of Ganesha
(b) the lead dancer in the Ganesha procession
(c) the star attraction of the festival she hated
(d) the official artist of Ganesha

4. What does Moraes say he has already nailed up?
(a) his suicide notes
(b) his family's secrets
(c) his epic poetry
(d) his last will and testament

5. How does Aurora react to her portrait?
(a) she puts it in the great hall
(b) she commissions three more
(c) she is offended
(d) she takes it to a museum

6. How does Flory die?
(a) Aurora has her assassinated
(b) a madman gives her some poison wine
(c) a madman immolates himself and Flory's robes catch fire
(d) she strangles on a spice cake

7. What is represented in Aurora's paintings?
(a) the haunting of the house
(b) crime and punishment
(c) family history and Indian cultures
(d) deep religious convictions

8. Which of the household servants could Aires not touch?
(a) the latrine cleaners
(b) the gardeners
(c) the boatmen
(d) the cooks

9. Who makes a pilgrimage to Malgudi on the river Sarayu, to see the great Mahatma Gandhi?
(a) Epifania
(b) Moraes
(c) Aires
(d) Camoens

10. How does Epifania classify the renovated chapel?
(a) as fitting for an art gallery
(b) as fitting for a birthday cake
(c) as fitting for a king
(d) as fitting for the body and blood of Christ

11. How does he get the money to restore the business after the losses?
(a) from share cropping the spice fields
(b) from bank loans
(c) from Flory's treasure chest
(d) from leasing out the company ships

12. How does Moraes refer to the saga of his family?
(a) the spice of the legendary da Gamas of Cochin
(b) the legends of the peppery da Gamas of Cochin
(c) the times of the crazy da Gamas of Cochin
(d) the legends of the battling da Gamas of Cochin

13. How does Moraes say Lambajan lost his leg?
(a) Aurora ran over it in her Buick
(b) Aurora's driver ran over him
(c) it was shot off in the war
(d) a shark got him swimming in the ocean

14. Where does Aurora live?
(a) in her own mansion
(b) in a small cottage behind Epifania's mansion
(c) in her grandmother's household
(d) in her uncle Aires' house

15. Why does Flory Zogoiby object to her son's marrying Aurora?
(a) because she doesn't want him to marry
(b) because she knows he is homosexual
(c) because she is too young
(d) because she is not a Jewess

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Moraes soliloquize at the beginning of chapter 7?

2. What is Moraes' medical problem?

3. How does Moraes identify his family?

4. What do Aurora's pranks make Camoens believe?

5. Where did Aurora and Abraham have sex the first time?

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