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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Epifania conspire to gain control of the family business?
(a) her current lover
(b) the foreman at the family business
(c) her daughters-in-law, Belle and Carmen
(d) her granddaughter, Aurora

2. Where does Aurora live?
(a) in her grandmother's household
(b) in a small cottage behind Epifania's mansion
(c) in her own mansion
(d) in her uncle Aires' house

3. What do the British authorities do to Camoens and Aires?
(a) fine them for the fire
(b) sentence them to 15 years in prison
(c) arrest them for treason
(d) exile them to Spain

4. What is represented in Aurora's paintings?
(a) the haunting of the house
(b) crime and punishment
(c) deep religious convictions
(d) family history and Indian cultures

5. What need does Moraes have to be candid about his parents' sex life?
(a) to explain his madness
(b) to establish his legitimacy
(c) to get even with his family
(d) to tell his story fully and candidly

Short Answer Questions

1. What was like the largest, hottest dish of curry ever cooked?

2. Besides Aurora's pranks, what convinces Camoens that Belle is haunting the house?

3. Why does Camoens turn to secularism?

4. What does Aurora witness in the chapel?

5. What does Aurora become?

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