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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Abraham lose his children?
(a) two to death, one to Jesus, and one to the power of Evil
(b) one by death, one by insanity, and two to immigration
(c) three by death and one by disowning
(d) two by marriage, one to communism, and one to prison

2. What does Moraes say Aurora became in the annual celebration of Ganesha?
(a) the official artist of Ganesha
(b) the star attraction of the festival she hated
(c) the mad woman of Ganesha
(d) the lead dancer in the Ganesha procession

3. What does Aurora become?
(a) a hag like Epifania
(b) a benefactor of the poor
(c) a dutiful wife
(d) an artist of international renown

4. What is represented in Aurora's paintings?
(a) crime and punishment
(b) the haunting of the house
(c) family history and Indian cultures
(d) deep religious convictions

5. What characterizes the strange speech patterns of the family?
(a) adding ofy to verbs and o to many nouns
(b) making up senseless words
(c) speaking breathlessly and staccato
(d) reversing word order in sentences

Short Answer Questions

1. What term of endearment does Aurora use when speaking of Abraham?

2. What does Moraes say he is doing faster than he should?

3. How does Moraes classify his early years?

4. What happens because of Aurora's political activities?

5. What happens at the Mahalaxmi Weekend Constitutional, an annual opportunity for Bombay's cultural elite to gather at the racecourse to see and to be seen.?

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