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The Moor's Last Sigh - Vasco Miranda first painted the theme to cover up a shocking portrait of Aurora. She returned to the theme throughout her career, and left an unfinished masterpiece on her easel bearing this title.

Benengeli - Vasco Miranda's fortress in the Andalusian mountains of Spain, site of the final events of the book.

Elephanta - This is the Zogoiby's estate atop the cliffs of Malabar Hill, Bombay.

Cochin - A vibrant, historic, harbor town on the west coast of India, today called Kochi, is the setting of the first half of the novel.

The Gama Trading Company - This is a multi-million dollar enterprise, exporting pepper and other spices grown on Spice Mountain.

The Synagogue - Famed for the blue tiles that cover its ceiling, walls, and floors, imported from China in 1100 C.E.

St. Francis Church - Center of Cochin's Christian...

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