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Part 1, Chapter 1

1. Where is Moraes Zogoiby at the opening of the novel?
(a) on top of a mountain
(b) a graveyard in Spain
(c) on a ship in the ocean
(d) on his deathbed

2. Why is Moraes Zogoiby on the run?
(a) he has embexxled a fortune
(b) he has escaped from prison
(c) he is chased by wolves
(d) he is leaving his wife

3. Where has Moraes left a trail of written narratives?
(a) in letters to a promanent journalist
(b) nailed to gates, fences, and trees along his way
(c) in safe deposit vaults of several banks
(d) in cemeteries from India to Spain

4. Who is the person he begins his narrative with?
(a) his grandmother, Isabella Ximena Souza da Gama
(b) his mother, Aurora
(c) homosexual great uncle, Aires da Gama
(d) his father, Abraham Zogoiby

5. How did the people of Bombay regard Aurora da Gama?
(a) as angelic
(b) as ethereal
(c) as demonic
(d) as helpless

6. Why is Moraes estranged from his mother?
(a) a disagreement about religion
(b) a clash over money
(c) a clash over his lover, Uma
(d) a disagreement about art

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