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Objective: Part 1, Chapter 1 The student will be able to describe the novel as a set of family vignettes written by Moraes Zogoiby and nailed to doors and fence posts.

1) Classroom activity:
1. Teacher lecture focuses on Rushdie's style and the need to pay close attention to details he includes in each passage. (1) Discuss the convoluted
nature of the work that skips back and forth from the present to a past episode of family history. (2) Mention some of the literary devices Rushdie
uses in the novel: alliteration, onomatopoeia, linguistic quirks to symbolize an odd, dysfunctional family, elements of fantasy presented as fact, and
stream of consciousness writing. (3) Alert the class to literary and true historical references that run throughout the novel.

2. Aurora Zogoiby nee da Gama: Discuss Aurora as the central character of the novel as remembered by her son, Moraes called Moor, and
historical anecdotes he learns about...

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