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Ganesha Illustrations

Find and copy illustrations of Ganesha and bring to class for decoration.

Movie Idea

Watch segments of the movie, A Passage to India, to get an idea about British-Indian relationships during the colonial period.

Sample Spices

Bring to class samples of the spices mentioned in the novel.

Das Boot

Watch a segment of the movie, Das Boot, to see the operation of a German U-boat.

See a Sari

Have someone come in to model an Indian sari.

Indian Prisons

Bring reports and/or photos about Indian prison facilities to share with the class.

Gandhi on Film

Show clips of the movie, Gandhi, in class to see what times were like then.

Report on Jawaharlal Nehru

Students collect biographical information on Jawaharlal Nehru to share with the class.

Impressionism versus Realism in Art

Bring copies of paintings in both styles to discuss in class.

Cast the Movie

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