The Moor's Last Sigh Character Descriptions

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Moraes Zogoiby (1957- ) - The novel's narrator, known as the Moor, is the scion of the de Gama-Zogoiby dynasty of spice merchants in Cochin, India..

Aurora da Gama Zogoiby (1924-1987) - The narrator's mother, a great beauty and talented artist whose downfall is the sharp tongue and sharp wit she is powerless not to exercise.

Uma Sarasvati - The love of the narrator's life and the cause of his painful estrangement from his mother.

Epifania da Gama (1877-1938) - The narrator's late, great grandmother, and the domineering matriarch of the family, she was born to the reduced trader family of Menzes of Mangalore.

Dr. Francisco da Gama (1876-1922) - The narrator's late, great grandfather, a failed business magnate who was intellectual, artistic, avante guard, eccentric, impractical, and idealistic.

Aires da Gama (1902-1977) - The narrator's homosexual great uncle, a ludicrous, pompous figure, collector of ivories and...

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