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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three - Thursday, Friday, Chapter 18 - Beneath the Flat Stone.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Drax show Bond on a large map?
(a) The places where parts for Moonraker are manufactured.
(b) The columbite mining locations.
(c) The rocket's flight plan.
(d) Other locations where he intends to set up Moonraker facilities.

2. How does Krebs refer to Drax as Gala Brand secretly listens?
(a) Sir Hugo.
(b) Herr Kapitan.
(c) Mein Fuhrer.
(d) Herr Kaiser.

3. What do the engineers introduced to Bond do when Drax walks away?
(a) They walk away from Drax and Bond.
(b) They chat with Bond.
(c) They follow Drax.
(d) They stand awkwardly in silence next to Bond.

4. Why does Gala Brand ask Drax to stop at a hotel as they travel to London?
(a) She wants to escape from Drax.
(b) She doesn't feel well.
(c) She wants to call Bond.
(d) She wants to look in the notebook.

5. What does Gala Brand hear while she is tied to the chair in the room full of strange machines?
(a) A meeting between Drax and his advisors.
(b) Drax and Krebs arguing.
(c) A code being transmitted.
(d) Drax speaking perfect German.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bond respond when Drax convinces him to continue the card game?

2. What does James Bond expect Drax to do when Bond deals an excellent hand using his own deck of cards?

3. How do the engineers who Drax introduces Bond to react to him?

4. To what is being inside the rocket compared?

5. What is the function of the machines in the room where Gala Brand is tied to a chair?

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