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Part One - Monday, Chapter 1 - Secret Paper-Work

• James Bond is taking a shooting lesson at a shooting range below the British Secret Service building in London.

• Although his instructor thinks he is the best shot in the service, Bond is dissatisfied with his own target shooting.

• Bond goes to his office, chats with his secretary, and then settles down at his desk to do paperwork.

• Bond receives about three field assignments a year, and the rest of his time is spent reading reports.

• Bond is bored reading reports, so his mind drifts to the upcoming weekend.

• Bond spends most of his salary playing golf, driving his Bentley, or gambling.

• James Bond feels he has no need to save money because he thinks he will be killed in action by the time he is 45.

• Bond receives a call on his red phone from his boss, M, and goes...

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