Objects & Places from Moderato Cantabile

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The Town

This is where many factories, suburbs, and homes are located in the book.

Mademoiselle Giraud's Apartment

This is a nondescript dwelling in a seedy area where some of the story takes place.

The Diabelli Sonatina

This is discussed and heard by many of the characters throughout the book and is the subject of some conflict.

The Cafe

This is a working-class establishment near the docks and factories.


This is something used by several characters in the book to help them feel emboldened and unrestricted by social burden.

The Dead Woman and the Man

This is something scarcely seen but is the subject of many conversations between the book's characters.

Boulevard de la Mer

This is what separates the areas where Anne lives and visits and is used by many of the book's characters.

Anne's House

This is a place of social importance where many parties...

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