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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, why is it so important that the rebels gain control of District 3?
(a) It is the district that manufactures electronics.
(b) It is the wealthiest district.
(c) It is the district that manufactures weapons.
(d) It is the main food supply for the districts.

2. In Chapter 10, what type of bomb does Prim tell Katniss the Capitol most likely used against District 13?
(a) Nuclear missiles.
(b) Bunker missiles.
(c) Laser sighted missiles.
(d) GPS navigated missiles.

3. In Chapter 5, what special weapon has been designed for Katniss?
(a) A knife with a propulsion system.
(b) A set of arrows with GPS.
(c) A bow that responds to her voice.
(d) A gun with a laser sight.

4. In Chapter 9, what persists in disturbing Katniss' sleep after seeing Peeta on the Capitol television broadcast?
(a) Nightmares.
(b) Fear.
(c) Her mother's fear.
(d) Finnick's nightmares.

5. In Chapter 10, who did Snow kill in the past that Katniss truly loved?
(a) Peeta.
(b) Rue.
(c) Cinna.
(d) Her father.

6. In Chapter 7, what does Katniss learn Snow told the people of Panem was his reason for bombing District 8?
(a) To stop District 8 from building weapons.
(b) To kill Katniss.
(c) To end the suffering of the District 8 wounded.
(d) To teach the rebels a lesson.

7. In Chapter 10, who doubts Peeta's warning at first due to his multiple requests that the rebels surrender?
(a) President Coin.
(b) Gale.
(c) Katniss.
(d) Haymitch.

8. What is a mockingjay?
(a) A cross between a mocking bird and a jay bird.
(b) A cross between a mocking bird and a jaguar.
(c) A cross between a jabber jay and a macaw.
(d) A cross between a mocking bird and a jabber jay.

9. In Chapter 11, what reason does Haymitch give Katniss for the sudden decision to attempt to rescue Peeta?
(a) They need Katniss to perform and she cannot as long as Snow has Peeta.
(b) To punish Snow for his attack on District 13.
(c) To finally finish what was started during the Quarter Quell.
(d) To reward him for warning them of the Capitol attack.

10. In Chapter 8, what symbolic image did Beetee add to the propos featuring Katniss in District 8?
(a) Flames.
(b) Lava.
(c) Birds.
(d) Roses.

11. In Chapter 8, who comes into Katniss' hospital room to watch the latest propo with her?
(a) Johanna.
(b) Gale.
(c) Prim.
(d) Finnick.

12. In Chapter 11, how much time does Bogg say Peeta's warning gave the leadership of District 13?
(a) An hour.
(b) Ten minutes.
(c) Five minutes.
(d) A day.

13. In Chapter 7, what objection does Gale make to gathering the wounded all in one place?
(a) They might frighten one another with their reactions to their individual pain.
(b) They might infect one another with undiagnosed illnesses.
(c) They are taking up space that could be used for something else.
(d) They make too easy a target.

14. In Chapter 2, why is District 13 mostly an underground community?
(a) They moved underground to escape mutts in the woods.
(b) They moved underground to hide from Capitol spies.
(c) They moved underground to mine coal.
(d) They moved underground to survive after they were bombed after the Dark Days.

15. In Chapter 9, what type of bird does Katniss sing to while filming in District 12?
(a) A mockingjay.
(b) A mocking bird.
(c) A jabber jay.
(d) A jay bird.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 7, who films the entire attack by the Capitol Peacekeepers?

2. In Chapter 7, how does Katniss travel to District 8?

3. In Chapter 10, where does Katniss assume her mother and Prim are when the evacuation to the bunker begins?

4. In Chapter 7, why does Haymitch warn Katniss not to be spotted by the Capitol hovercraft?

5. In Chapter 1, what litters the road from District 12's village to the Victor's village?

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