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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 7, why does Katniss feel the need to defend the effectiveness of her bow?
(a) It looks decorative.
(b) It appears poorly constructed.
(c) It appears too small for her.
(d) It seems too large for her.

2. In Chapter 3, what activity does Katniss ask permission for she and Gale to take part in?
(a) Skiing.
(b) Hunting.
(c) Fishing.
(d) Gardening.

3. In Chapter 9, what type of bird does Katniss sing to while filming in District 12?
(a) A jay bird.
(b) A mockingjay.
(c) A jabber jay.
(d) A mocking bird.

4. In Chapter 1, what happened in District 12 as Katniss was rescued from the Quarter Quell arena?
(a) It was bombed.
(b) It was torched.
(c) It suffered an earthquake.
(d) It was hit by a tornado.

5. In Chapter 5, what is a propos?
(a) A sitcom.
(b) An independent film.
(c) A propoganda film.
(d) A talk show.

6. In Chapter 11, what causes Katniss to finally fully comprehend Snow's control over her while he holds Peeta?
(a) The damage done by the bombing.
(b) The fear on Boggs' face while viewing the damage.
(c) The reality of the damage the war can do to ordinary people.
(d) The roses dropped during the bombing.

7. In Chapter 8, how did Boggs break his nose?
(a) Katniss punched him.
(b) Plutarch tripped him.
(c) He ran into a door.
(d) Gale kicked him in the face as he climbed the latter to the roof.

8. In Chapter 5, what special weapon has been designed for Katniss?
(a) A set of arrows with GPS.
(b) A knife with a propulsion system.
(c) A bow that responds to her voice.
(d) A gun with a laser sight.

9. In Chapter 10, who once told Katniss that the Capitol could no longer hurt her because there was no one she loved left?
(a) Annie.
(b) Gold.
(c) Johanna.
(d) Rue.

10. In Chapter 11, what reason does Haymitch give Katniss for the sudden decision to attempt to rescue Peeta?
(a) They need Katniss to perform and she cannot as long as Snow has Peeta.
(b) To punish Snow for his attack on District 13.
(c) To finally finish what was started during the Quarter Quell.
(d) To reward him for warning them of the Capitol attack.

11. In Chapter 4, who is the only person Katniss trusts to care for her injured friends?
(a) Haymitch.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Dr. Abernathy.
(d) Gale.

12. In Chapter 11, why does Finnick say he never told Annie anything about what Snow was forcing him to do as victor of the Hunger Games?
(a) To protect her from the Capitol.
(b) Because he did not think she would understand.
(c) Because he was afraid she would do something rash.
(d) To protect her from unnecessary information.

13. In Chapter 10, who doubts Peeta's warning at first due to his multiple requests that the rebels surrender?
(a) President Coin.
(b) Gale.
(c) Haymitch.
(d) Katniss.

14. In Chapter 9, who accuses Katniss of failing to follow her prescribed schedule?
(a) Plutarch.
(b) Fulvia.
(c) Haymitch.
(d) President Coin.

15. In Chapter 7, what objection does Gale make to gathering the wounded all in one place?
(a) They are taking up space that could be used for something else.
(b) They might infect one another with undiagnosed illnesses.
(c) They make too easy a target.
(d) They might frighten one another with their reactions to their individual pain.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 11, what luxury is provided to the leadership of District 13 in the aftermath of the Capitol bombing?

2. In Chapter 5, who has become the weapons expert in District 13?

3. In Chapter 9, what is the significance of the lake where Katniss and Gale take the film crew?

4. In Chapter 7, how does Katniss defy rebel leaders' orders?

5. In Chapter 4, who is one of the cooks in District 13?

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