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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 11, what causes Katniss to finally fully comprehend Snow's control over her while he holds Peeta?
(a) The roses dropped during the bombing.
(b) The reality of the damage the war can do to ordinary people.
(c) The damage done by the bombing.
(d) The fear on Boggs' face while viewing the damage.

2. In Chapter 11, what luxury is provided to the leadership of District 13 in the aftermath of the Capitol bombing?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) Tea.
(c) Wine.
(d) Coffee.

3. In Chapter 8, what does Katniss call the cameramen who follow her around to make the propos?
(a) The insects.
(b) The cockroaches.
(c) The spiders.
(d) The arachnids.

4. In Chapter 9, what does the remnants of the gallows remind Gale of in District 12?
(a) Of when his brother was beaten for skipping school.
(b) Of when his father was hung for stealing.
(c) Of when he was beaten for hunting.
(d) Of when he was imprisoned for stealing.

5. In Chapter 9, what excuse does Haymitch give for not going along to District 12 to film a propo?
(a) He has better things to do.
(b) He has few memories of his early life there.
(c) He does not want to spend that much time with Katniss.
(d) It would be too emotional.

6. What is an Avox?
(a) Someone born to wealth.
(b) Someone who has had their eyes removed as punishment.
(c) Someone with a birth defect similar to Down's Syndrome.
(d) Someone who has had their tongue removed as punishment.

7. In Chapter 2, who is Coin?
(a) Haymitch's girlfriend.
(b) The mayor of District 12.
(c) The president of District 13.
(d) Plutarch's wife.

8. In Chapter 11, who does Katniss turn to when she wants to grieve for Peeta?
(a) Her mother, because she is always Katniss' rock of support.
(b) Haymitch, because he loves Peeta too.
(c) Prim, because she is the reason Katniss came to know Peeta.
(d) Gale, because he is her oldest friend.

9. In Chapter 2, how does Katniss learn that Peeta is still alive after being taken hostage by the Capitol out of the Quarter Quell arena?
(a) She gets a letter from him.
(b) She sees him on a Capitol television broadcast.
(c) Snow sends her a letter confirming Peeta's status.
(d) Johanna tells her she saw Peeta in the Capitol.

10. Where is Mockingjay set?
(a) A futuristic Chicago.
(b) The fictional country of Panem.
(c) A futuristic New York City.
(d) The fictional planet of Panem.

11. In Chapter 7, how does Katniss defy rebel leaders' orders?
(a) She draws attention to herself by standing on a rooftop and screaming.
(b) She orders the hovercraft to pick her up despite the danger.
(c) She removes her earpiece and participates in the defense of District 8.
(d) She causes Boggs to be injured by pushing him in front of a Peacekeeper.

12. In Chapter 8, what does Haymitch threaten to do if Katniss ever removes her earpiece again?
(a) Give someone else the honor of being the mockingjay.
(b) Have her arrested.
(c) Put her into combat.
(d) Make her wear a helmet or have the earpiece surgically implanted in her ear.

13. In Chapter 10, who brings Prim into the bunker?
(a) Gale.
(b) Coin.
(c) Plutarch.
(d) Haymitch.

14. In Chapter 5, whose voice is Katniss surprised to hear after the filming of the propos?
(a) Her mother's.
(b) Her father's.
(c) Peeta's.
(d) Haymitch's.

15. In Chapter 7, why does Haymitch warn Katniss not to be spotted by the Capitol hovercraft?
(a) The Capitol Peacekeepers might try to kidnap her.
(b) She might endanger the rebels with her.
(c) The Capitol is unaware that she is alive and well.
(d) She might cause innocent bystanders to be injured.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, who defends District 13's decision to remain in hiding during the last seventy-five years since the Dark Days?

2. In Chapter 6, what type of weapon is Finnick known for using in the Hunger Games?

3. In Chapter 7, what objection does Gale make to gathering the wounded all in one place?

4. In Chapter 8, who comes into Katniss' hospital room to watch the latest propo with her?

5. In Chapter 11, how much time does Bogg say Peeta's warning gave the leadership of District 13?

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