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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what district does Katniss learn supplies a great many of the people who become Peacekeepers for the Capitol?
(a) District 2.
(b) District 8.
(c) District 1.
(d) District 10.

2. What genre is Mockingjay?
(a) Science fiction.
(b) Horror.
(c) Mystery.
(d) Fantasy.

3. In Chapter 7, who has been assigned to act as Katniss' bodyguards while she is in District 8?
(a) Boggs and Gale.
(b) Boggs and Plutarch.
(c) Gale and Haymitch.
(d) Haymitch and Plutarch.

4. In Chapter 5, what is a propos?
(a) A sitcom.
(b) An independent film.
(c) A propoganda film.
(d) A talk show.

5. In Chapter 7, how does Katniss defy rebel leaders' orders?
(a) She draws attention to herself by standing on a rooftop and screaming.
(b) She orders the hovercraft to pick her up despite the danger.
(c) She causes Boggs to be injured by pushing him in front of a Peacekeeper.
(d) She removes her earpiece and participates in the defense of District 8.

6. Where is Mockingjay set?
(a) The fictional planet of Panem.
(b) A futuristic New York City.
(c) The fictional country of Panem.
(d) A futuristic Chicago.

7. In Chapter 10, who tells Katniss that President Snow will more than likely not kill Peeta?
(a) Gale.
(b) Prim.
(c) Coin.
(d) Her mother.

8. In Chapter 10, what does President call the drill that will move all the residents of District 13 to a safe location should they be bombed?
(a) Level 2.
(b) Level 1.
(c) Level 5.
(d) Level 3.

9. In Chapter 9, what persists in disturbing Katniss' sleep after seeing Peeta on the Capitol television broadcast?
(a) Nightmares.
(b) Her mother's fear.
(c) Finnick's nightmares.
(d) Fear.

10. In Chapter 1, what litters the road from District 12's village to the Victor's village?
(a) Weeds.
(b) Fallen trees.
(c) Bodies.
(d) Building debris.

11. In Chapter 1, why is Katniss having difficulty understanding reality from fantasy?
(a) She is on anti-psychotic drugs.
(b) She suffered a concussion when Johanna Mason hit her in the Hunger Games arena.
(c) She has begun drinking too much.
(d) She is suffering from the effects of a brain tumor.

12. In Chapter 10, who doubts Peeta's warning at first due to his multiple requests that the rebels surrender?
(a) Gale.
(b) President Coin.
(c) Katniss.
(d) Haymitch.

13. In Chapter 11, why does Coin want Katniss, Finnick, Gale, and Boggs to go above ground and be filmed checking out the damage done by the Capitol bombs?
(a) To begin repairs.
(b) To see what damage has been done and how it can be repaired.
(c) To prove the rebel military and the mockingjay are still alive and well.
(d) To see if the Capitol has sent a message.

14. In Chapter 6, who does Katniss remember carrying during the Quarter Quell competition?
(a) Johanna.
(b) Mags.
(c) Rue.
(d) Peeta.

15. In Chapter 3, when Katniss is shown the plans for the mockingjay costume, who does she learn drew them?
(a) Flavius.
(b) Cinna.
(c) Prim.
(d) Effie.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, how did Boggs break his nose?

2. In Chapter 7, in what type of building is the makeshift hospital Katniss' visits in District 8?

3. In Chapter 11, what reason does Haymitch give Katniss for the sudden decision to attempt to rescue Peeta?

4. In Chapter 11, what does Katniss believe the game she plays with the cat is a metaphor of?

5. In Chapter 4, what announcement does Coin make at an assembly at the end of the chapter?

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