Daily Lessons for Teaching Mockingjay

Suzanne Collins
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Lesson 1 (from Part I, Chapters 1-6)


Part I, Chapters 1-6

In chapter 1, Katniss views the damage done to District 12 in the aftermath of her rescue from the Hunger Games arena. The objective of this lesson will focus on character and setting.


1) Class Discussion: Katniss goes to District 12 for the first time to see the damage done by the Capitol in the aftermath of her rescue from the Hunger Games arena during the Quarter Quell. Discuss with students the end of the previous book in the series and how that has impacted Katniss' situation in the beginning of this novel. Discuss how Katniss has become more of a symbol of rebellion to the people of Panem since her rescue. Discuss as well the personal sacrifices Katniss has suffered from her actions and how finding a rose in her old house suggests that this suffering will continue.

2) Setting: Ask students to discuss in...

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