Mockingjay Fun Activities

Suzanne Collins
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Diorama of District 13

Create a diorama of what you believe District 13 looks like.

Diorama of the Capitol

Create a diorama of the Capitol in its final days, such as Katniss would have seen it in the final chapters of the book.


Create a collage that depicts one of the themes from the novel.


Do research on a famous revolution in history and compare it to the revolution that takes place in this novel. Compare and contrast Katniss and others to such historical figures as George Washington of Maximillen Robespierre.

Board Game

Create a board game using the rebellion in this novel as a theme. For example, the board game could be based on the same principles as the game Risk.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that utilizes vocabulary words from and inspired by this novel.

Create a word search puzzle that utilizes vocabulary...

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