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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the condition of the baby whale they harpoon?
(a) it is still attached by an umbilical cord.
(b) it is sick from swallowing a turtle.
(c) it is lost from its mother.
(d) it is dying from lack of milk.

2. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?
(a) a ceremony of initiation of new sailors.
(b) a ceremony performed for Neptune.
(c) a ceremony performed to attract whales.
(d) a ceremony performed for good luck.

3. What does Pip do when a whale is harpooned?
(a) he starts to cry.
(b) he jumps into the ocean.
(c) he hides in the bottom of the boat.
(d) he hits the whale with his oar.

4. What does Ishmael say the head of a sperm whale resembles?
(a) the toe of a boot.
(b) a Roman chariot.
(c) a Grecian urn.
(d) a boulder.

5. What is the effect of Ahab's distraction on Starbuck?
(a) he walks sadly away.
(b) he continues to state his case.
(c) he shoves Ahab overboard.
(d) he hopes for the best.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ahab's response to the call for help?

2. What happens on the third day after spotting Moby Dick?

3. What does Fedallah's dream depict about hearses?

4. What does Ahab discover the next morning after the storm?

5. What danger does Ishmael say the whale wields in particular?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is foreshadowed by a dream on Ahab's whaling boat?

2. Why does Ahab transfer onto the Samuel Enderby to hear its captain's story?

3. What is the problem with maritime laws pertaining to whaling?

4. What conundrum does Ishmael pose about the whale's biological system?

5. What is Ishmael trying to ascertain as he ponders fossil remains of whales he has read about?

6. Relate the sad story of Pip.

7. What is the secret that Ishmael lets slip about why Ahab stayed in his cabin so long at the beginning of the trip?

8. What is happening to Queequeg's coffin?

9. How is Ahab killed?

10. What is the ominous message from the whaling ship Delight?

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