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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ishmael say about why some captured whales float while others tend to sink?
(a) the reason has to do with size.
(b) the reason is unknown.
(c) some whales have more solid bones.
(d) some whales take in more air.

2. How does Stubb regain a dead whale from a French whaling boat?
(a) by playing poker.
(b) by using humor and intelligence.
(c) by threatening to blow up their boat.
(d) by stealing the dead whale at night.

3. What does Ishmael say the head of a sperm whale resembles?
(a) a boulder.
(b) a Roman chariot.
(c) the toe of a boot.
(d) a Grecian urn.

4. What is Ahab thinking about as he looks out to sea?
(a) the fall in Nantucket.
(b) vacationing in Italy.
(c) home, family, and growing older.
(d) whether whales have families.

5. What is the next whaling ship the Pequod meets during the search for Moby Dick?
(a) The Delight.
(b) The Nantucket.
(c) The Barbara Ellen.
(d) The Bounty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the change in Stubb?

2. What happens on this first encounter with Moby Dick?

3. How is Starbuck a singular character on board the Pequod at this point?

4. Given the irony of the coffin turned life buoy, what is the feeling of foreshadowing?

5. How does Ahab become more irritated as the Pequod sails in the Pacific Ocean?

Short Essay Questions

1. What contest occurs between the Pequod and a German whaling ship?

2. Describe Ishmael's arguments against the man who doubts the Bible.

3. What is the evidence that there is still a vestige of humanity left in Ahab?

4. What is the problem with maritime laws pertaining to whaling?

5. What further insult does Ahab act out after meeting the Delight?

6. What is the change in the crew as they head out in search of Moby Dick?

7. What is foreshadowed by a dream on Ahab's whaling boat?

8. What conundrum does Ishmael pose about the whale's biological system?

9. How is Ahab killed?

10. Why does Ahab change his attitude toward the leaking casks of whale oil?

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