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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Ahab return quickly to the Pequod from the Samuel Enderby?
(a) he wants to beat the other captain to Moby Dick.
(b) he has a fight with the other captain.
(c) he learns the direction Moby Dick is traveling.
(d) he begins to feel ill.

2. What has happened to some of the crew of The Delight?
(a) they mutinied against the captain.
(b) Moby Dick killed five of them.
(c) Moby Dick ate one of them.
(d) they became afraid and turned the ship to run away.

3. While Starbuck is talking, what is Ahab thinking?
(a) why Starbuck talks so much.
(b) what his family is doing back home.
(c) where they will find Moby Dick.
(d) why he must kill Moby Dick.

4. What is the irony of the coffin?
(a) a thing of death is being turned into a thing of life.
(b) a thing of death is so beautifully carved.
(c) a thing of death is a visual reminder of Moby Dick.
(d) a thing of death is an omen for the future.

5. What had one of the boats from The Rachel accomplished?
(a) they harpooned Moby Dick.
(b) they spied Moby Dick.
(c) they got all around Moby Dick.
(d) they escaped Moby Dick.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Ishmael attribute the Sag Harbor man's disbelief in the story of Jonah?

2. To what complaint does Ahab admit?

3. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?

4. From what does the Pequod escape at sea?

5. What does Ahab do in an excited state after visiting the Samuel Enderby?

Short Essay Questions

1. What further insult does Ahab act out after meeting the Delight?

2. Describe the madness of Ahab that loses his humanity.

3. What is so interesting about the perceptions of the Spanish doubloon nailed to the mast?

4. What is Ishmael trying to ascertain as he ponders fossil remains of whales he has read about?

5. How is Ahab killed?

6. What conundrum does Ishmael pose about the whale's biological system?

7. What contest occurs between the Pequod and a German whaling ship?

8. What is happening to Queequeg's coffin?

9. Why does Ahab order a basket to take him to the top of one of the masts?

10. What is foreshadowed by a dream on Ahab's whaling boat?

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