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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the irony of the coffin?
(a) a thing of death is so beautifully carved.
(b) a thing of death is a visual reminder of Moby Dick.
(c) a thing of death is an omen for the future.
(d) a thing of death is being turned into a thing of life.

2. What do they find in the corpse of the blind and crippled whale?
(a) the remains of a man.
(b) a harpoon and cord and a stone lance.
(c) timbers from a whaling boat.
(d) an unborn whale.

3. What occurs on the Pequod that sends Starbuck to see the captain?
(a) there is a leak in one of the casks of whale oil.
(b) someone is stealing from the crew's lockers.
(c) Moby Dick is sighted off the starboard side.
(d) the rum ration has run out.

4. What does the captain of a German whaling ship want from the Pequod?
(a) directions.
(b) coffee.
(c) lamp oil.
(d) sailcloth.

5. What is the effect of Ahab's distraction on Starbuck?
(a) he shoves Ahab overboard.
(b) he walks sadly away.
(c) he hopes for the best.
(d) he continues to state his case.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ahab's response to the call for help?

2. Where does Ishmael say the brain of the sperm whale lies?

3. Why does the crew on the ship see Stubb's and Flask's boats coming fast toward them?

4. What does Fedallah say about his own death?

5. What is the change in Stubb?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ironic thought does Ahab have while looking at Queequeg's coffin?

2. What is the change in the crew as they head out in search of Moby Dick?

3. Describe the madness of Ahab that loses his humanity.

4. What is happening to Queequeg's coffin?

5. After killing the sperm whale, why does Ahab want them to capture and kill the less valuable Right Whale?

6. What is the problem with maritime laws pertaining to whaling?

7. Relate the sad story of Pip.

8. Why does the encounter with the Bachelor irritate Ahab?

9. What is so interesting about the perceptions of the Spanish doubloon nailed to the mast?

10. What is occupying the mind of the captain of the Rachel?

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