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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 119-126.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Tashtego accidentally falls into the oil-filled head of the whale, who rescues him?
(a) Flask.
(b) Ishmael.
(c) Starbuck.
(d) Queequeg.

2. Who is the High Chief or king of the island of Kokovoko?
(a) Queequeg's father.
(b) Queequeg.
(c) Quequeg's uncle.
(d) Queequeg's brother.

3. Why does Ishmael think Chapter 45 is the most important one in the book?
(a) because it describes Moby Dick in detail.
(b) because it discusses the pecularities of Ahab.
(c) because it deals with whale stories.
(d) because it describes behaviors of whales.

4. What is peculiar about the deck where Ahab walks?
(a) It is double decked.
(b) It is covered with sharkskin.
(c) It has many dents made by Ahab's prosthesis.
(d) It is slanted and easy to lose footing.

5. What startles the crew as they prepare to go after a whale?
(a) a hole in the bottom of each whale boat.
(b) whales completely surrounding the ship.
(c) five men they had not seen before.
(d) Captain Ahab without his ivory peg leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?

2. What does Ahab discover the next morning after the storm?

3. Where is Captain Ahab as the crew begins coming aboard the Pequod?

4. What happens to the mast of the Pequod during a typhoon?

5. What has Ahab's vengeance done to him?

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