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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 58-60 | Chapter 61-63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the rumor about other fish when they encounter the white whale?
(a) they swim away in terror.
(b) they rise to the surface.
(c) they group to attack the whale.
(d) they kill themselves.

2. Why does Ishmael think Chapter 45 is the most important one in the book?
(a) because it describes Moby Dick in detail.
(b) because it describes behaviors of whales.
(c) because it deals with whale stories.
(d) because it discusses the pecularities of Ahab.

3. How does Ishmael describe the whales he sees in the ocean?
(a) like big lumps of gray.
(b) like ships without sails.
(c) like huge rocks in the water.
(d) like big gray buses.

4. What does Ishmael say is the saddest thing about any man, no matter how bad he is?
(a) a man who kills for sport.
(b) a man who thinks he knows everything.
(c) a man who has lost his valor.
(d) a man who disobeys orders.

5. What does Ishmael think is more remarkable than the whale's size and color?
(a) its ability to stay for days under water.
(b) its memory.
(c) its intelligence and cunning.
(d) its ability to destroy a large ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Charity and what is her function regarding the Pequod?

2. Why does the rumor start that Moby Dick is stalking the Pequod?

3. Which boat from the Pequod is the first to harpoon a whale?

4. What accommodation is available for Ishmael at the inn in New Bedford?

5. What is Ishmael's religious affiliation?

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