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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 58-60 | Chapter 61-63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which harpooner is chosen by Starbuck?
(a) Queequeg.
(b) Tashtego.
(c) Ishmael.
(d) Daggoo.

2. When the whale is harpooned, what action do the harpooner and the chief mate take?
(a) they join the rowers.
(b) they manhandle the harpoon line.
(c) they switch places from front to back.
(d) they switch from harpoons to lances.

3. Who is the chaplain of the whaler's place of worship?
(a) Father Pine.
(b) Father Sycamore.
(c) Father Elm.
(d) Father Maple.

4. How does Ishmael ultimately describe the whale?
(a) an elongated fish with big eyes.
(b) a spouting fish with a horizontal tail.
(c) a lumbering fish with a verticle tail.
(d) an elephant of the ocean.

5. Which boat from the Pequod is the first to harpoon a whale?
(a) Flask's.
(b) Stubb's.
(c) Ahab's.
(d) Starbuck's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ishmael describe the possibility of mutiny on a whale ship?

2. What is the rumor about other fish when they encounter the white whale?

3. What do Ishmael and Stubb discuss about captains and whaling?

4. What does Ishmael decide to do about Queequeg?

5. Which crew member does Ishmael single out as having the most responsibility?

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