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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 58-60 | Chapter 61-63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ishmael think Chapter 45 is the most important one in the book?
(a) because it discusses the pecularities of Ahab.
(b) because it describes Moby Dick in detail.
(c) because it deals with whale stories.
(d) because it describes behaviors of whales.

2. What characteristics does Ishmael assign to Starbuck, the chief mate?
(a) common sense and intelligence.
(b) elegance and sophistication.
(c) ignorance and brashness.
(d) impetuousness and anger.

3. Which ship does Ishmael select for him and Queequeg to sign on?
(a) the Pequod.
(b) the Devil-dam.
(c) the Tit-bit.
(d) the Titanic.

4. What type of whale is Moby Dick, the whale they are searching for?
(a) an octavo whale.
(b) a folio whale.
(c) a duodecimo whale.
(d) a Greenland whale.

5. At the Try Pots Inn in Nantucket, what is the staple menu?
(a) clam and cod chowder.
(b) ham and gravy.
(c) fish and chips.
(d) bacon and eggs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ishmael ultimately describe the whale?

2. Why does the rumor start that Moby Dick is stalking the Pequod?

3. What happens to Radney during a whale chase?

4. What apology does Ishmael make about whalers?

5. Where is Captain Ahab as the crew begins coming aboard the Pequod?

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