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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 32-33 | Chapters 34-35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the plaques in the whaler's chapel remind Ishmael of?
(a) the marks of distinction.
(b) the dangers of the sea.
(c) the time away from land.
(d) the heroism of whaling.

2. What purpose does the mad Elijah serve in the story?
(a) he prophecies success for the Pequod.
(b) he prophecies disaster for the Pequod.
(c) he explains how to get on board the Pequod.
(d) he adds comic relief to the story.

3. What type of whale are the men of the Pequod looking for?
(a) the albino whale.
(b) the octavo whale.
(c) the duodecimo whale.
(d) the sperm whale.

4. How does Ishmael foreshadow Starbuck's behavior throughout the novel?
(a) He loses all his moral values and tries to kill Ahab.
(b) He changes into a madman.
(c) He becomes fearful and mutinous.
(d) He remains the valiant and moral person he first appears to be.

5. At the Try Pots Inn in Nantucket, what is the staple menu?
(a) ham and gravy.
(b) bacon and eggs.
(c) fish and chips.
(d) clam and cod chowder.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ishmael digress after the first whales are spotted?

2. What does Ishmael decide to do about Queequeg?

3. Where is Captain Ahab as the crew begins coming aboard the Pequod?

4. What accommodation is available for Ishmael at the inn in New Bedford?

5. What is Ishmael's profession before signing on the whaling ship?

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