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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 81-82 | Chapter 83.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Queequeg manage to sign on with the Pequod after first being turned down?
(a) offering to work for less pay.
(b) giving the owners shrunken heads.
(c) agreeing to convert to Christianity.
(d) demonstrating his skill with the harpoon.

2. What does Ishmael say about why some captured whales float while others tend to sink?
(a) some whales take in more air.
(b) the reason has to do with size.
(c) the reason is unknown.
(d) some whales have more solid bones.

3. Why does Ishmael advise against putting intellectual men on watch?
(a) they ask too many questions.
(b) they become engrossed in their own thoughts.
(c) they become easily bored.
(d) they analyze too much.

4. What purpose does the mad Elijah serve in the story?
(a) he prophecies success for the Pequod.
(b) he adds comic relief to the story.
(c) he explains how to get on board the Pequod.
(d) he prophecies disaster for the Pequod.

5. Why does Ishmael think Chapter 45 is the most important one in the book?
(a) because it discusses the pecularities of Ahab.
(b) because it describes behaviors of whales.
(c) because it deals with whale stories.
(d) because it describes Moby Dick in detail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which ship does Ishmael select for him and Queequeg to sign on?

2. How does Ishmael ultimately describe the whale?

3. What part of the whale is the most valuable to the whalers?

4. What is the name of Queequeg's small, carved idol?

5. What does Stubb instruct Daggoo to do for him?

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