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The Spouter Inn

The place in New Bedford where Ishmael chooses to stay during the time he must wait for a ship to take him to Nantucket.


It is the original center of the whaling business and where the first dead American whale was stranded.

The Whaleman's Chapel

Where Ishmael goes to hear a sermon before departing on his whaling mission.

QueeQueg's harpoon

A whaling weapon that the cannibal harpooner uses for many things.


A small black idol to which QueeQueg pays homage each night.

The Pequod

The whaling ship upon which QueeQueg and Ishmael sign up for a three-year whaling voyage.

The Ivory Leg

Ahab's prosthesis that is made from the jaw bone of a whale after Moby Dick bit it off.

The Spanish Ounce of Gold

A prize nailed to the main mast of the ship for the first man to sight Moby Dick...

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