Daily Lessons for Teaching Moby-Dick

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2 | Chapters 3-4)


Chapters 1-2 | Chapters 3-4

The student will take notes from the teacher lecture on Melville and his place in American literature.


Classroom activity:

1. Begin the class with a lecture on Melville as a contemporary of Nathaniel Hawthorne to discuss the evolution of the American novel.

2. Define for the students the strengths and weaknesses of MOBY DICK and why it was received better in Europe than in America.

3. From pre-selected passages in the first four chapters, begin character studies of Ishmael (the narrator) and Queequeg.

4. Look for elements of humor, racial bias, and religious differences to read aloud in class.

Homework: Read Chapters 1 through 9 before next class.

Lesson 2 (from Chapters 5-6 | Chapters 7-9)


Chapters 5-6 | Chapters 7-9

The student will be able to detail the social and religious mores of the whaling towns of Melville's day.


Classroom activity:

1. Open the class for questions students may have after reading the...

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