Moby-Dick Fun Activities

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Watch a segment of FREE WILLIE

View some scenes from FREE WILLIE for a feel of a whale's interaction with man.

500 Words

Condense the story into 500 words.

Watch some scenes from any of the MOBY DICK Hollywood Films

Discuss the scenes as to authenticity.


Split a hall into different areas of a ship. For example starboard and port. Gather everyone into the center of the hall and randomly shout areas the students have to run to. The last person to get there is out of the game. The person remaining wins.

Whale Collage

Find and copy pictures of whales to make a collage on the class bulletin board.


Assign a class captain and ask him to give each of their classmates a rank. Tell the captain you want the classroom tidied and that he should organize his team to tidy it.

Hangman from the Mast


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