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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The King Stag, Chapter 9 | The King Stag, Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Igraine tell Gwenhwyfar that even Gwenhwyfar does not know yet?
(a) Gwenhwyfar is ill, too
(b) Gwenhwyfar is pregnant
(c) Gwenhwyfar is going to kill for Avalon
(d) Gwenhwyfar is going to marry Lancelet

2. What do Viviane and the Merline tell Igraine she must do?
(a) Hide in a convent
(b) Go to Camelot
(c) Kill Uther
(d) Deliver a son

3. What is Lancelet's and Morgaine's familial relationship?
(a) They're second cousins
(b) They're not related at all.
(c) They're brother and sister
(d) They're first cousins

4. Who does Morgaine sit with during the wedding mass?
(a) Arthur
(b) Viviane
(c) Morgause
(d) Igraine

5. Who does Morgaine go to live with during her pregnancy?
(a) Raven
(b) Viviane
(c) Morgause
(d) Igraine

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is expected to die soon, necessitating the need for a new king?

2. Where is Arthur's court now located, after having been moved on Pentecost?

3. What does Gwenhwyfar do before climbing into bed with Lancelet?

4. Whose Sight is so strong that Viviane insists she take him back to Avalon to train?

5. With whom does Morgaine take mind-altering substances?

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